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Seasoned Firewood Farmington Hills MI

Many Farmington Hills, MI families depend on firewood for their fireplaces for an extra way to keep their home warm in the winter months. But not all firewood is the same. Only some types of wood are recommended, and even then, you can't just use freshly cut wood as it contains too much water content. You need to use seasoned, or dry firewood. Few people have the ability, tools or space to chop, stack and house the firewood for an extended period of time in order to dry out. That's where PPM Tree Services comes in. PPM Tree Service goes beyond its reputable lawn care and tree trimming services. There are times when trees need to be removed for various reasons. Sometimes large sections of trees come down due to bad weather conditions, other times trees need to be cut back or removed because they hang over wires or other property. PPM not only handles these types of services, but they also sell the seasoned firewood that comes from them. Once a tree removal job is complete, the sections of the trees that are harvested from the job are brought back to the yard. They sort through the hardwood and junk wood and store the useable wood, allowing it to stand for up to two years. Then they split the wood and stack it. It is good seasoned firewood that is available for customers to purchase. Customers need to know however that not everyone who sells seasoned firewood is honest about their process and how dry the wood actually is. Yet it is important because if you have ever tried to burn wet leaves you know that it isn't very effective and it creates more smoke than flames. The same is true for the wood. The planks must be dried to the extent that they are good for burning without filling your home with smoke. Too much smoke can cause a host of problems from making too much soot and making the home and everything in it smell to having to get the chimney serviced frequently. The other issue is that the wet wood does not adequately heat the home, which is the real intention anyway. You can rely on PPM Tree Service in Farmington Hills, MI to sell only the highest quality and perfectly seasoned firewood that is ideal for burning. Call today to purchase your bundle of seasoned firewood to add to the ambiance and warmth of your home this winter. Too much smoke creates a host of problems from making too much soot and making the house and everything in it smell to having to get the chimney serviced frequently.

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