Keeping the Lawn Green During Dry Conditions

Whether the summer brings a week of extremely arid conditions or there is a more severe event like a drought, there are still things that we can recommend in order to help keep your lawn looking green and ensuring that it stays healthy. A week of consistently dry and hot weather can pull quite a bit of moisture from the lawn and do considerable damage before the next storm comes through. In fact, there are times when really dry conditions can upset the lawn for the duration of the summer making it very difficult, if not impossible, for it to come back to normal. We can offer the following tips so your lawn remains as lush, green and healthy as possible in Farmington Hills, MI. Core aeration is a procedure we recommend that can be quite beneficial even when there aren’t dry conditions. When you combine this process with removing thatch from the lawn, you can help the roots get some much needed moisture. Dethatching will remove the grass clippings and thatch that can plague a lawn even in non-drought conditions. Aeration will create pathways to the roots so it can receive water. With these two important maintenance projects completed, even the smallest amounts of moisture can get to the roots and help the lawn continue to thrive. One of the things we’ve learned with the infamous California drought is the benefit of collecting rain. In drought conditions, water may be limited so digging a reservoir or trough around some of the landscaping will allow water to collect when it does rain, or when you can water the lawn, so your trees and bushes have access to water for a little longer. There are also ways to collect water in barrels that can then be used to water when needed; be aware of pooling water though because it can attract mosquitos. There are two preventative ways to help out your lawn when conditions are arid. One is to avoid walking too much on the grass. While this may seem odd, whenever we walk, play or run over our grass it causes stress to the lawn. Although this isn’t normally an issue, during periods of sustained dry conditions, this added stress can hurt the integrity of the grass. Another way to have a good lawn even during very dry conditions is planting drought-resistant plants. This is a good way to use less water in general even if there is no drought in place. Drought-resistant plants will need less water which means you’re spending less money on utilities. Hopefully these dry conditions are sporadic and won’t last very long but once the rain starts to pour it’s ideal to properly take care of your lawn to help it stay green. Don’t over-water the lawn because this could lead to further issues such as shorter roots; fertilizing the lawn may help increase the amount of nutrients that the lawn receives and therefore make it thrive once again.

May 5, 2017

How to Win the Battle Against Weeds

Fighting weeds can be a long and frustrating task but there’s no reason to give up and let the weeds win. If you’re ready to go to battle against the weeds plaguing your yard in Farmington Hills, MI, following are a few suggestions to make sure that you’re working smarter instead of harder against ridding the yard of weeds. The first thing you should know is that not all weeds are equal so you may need to approach the battle in a few different ways. If you’re looking to get a little dirty and pull the weeds out yourself, there are few ways to best prepare so that you get the maximum results. Pulling weeds after it rains or after you water the lawn is the most ideal time. The reason why is because the soil is obviously wetter which provides a little more give. You’ll expel less energy and be able to yank that weed right from the root. Another way to ensure that you’re fighting a good fight against weeds properly is to not mow your lawn too short. Grass that’s left a little longer will better block the vegetation underneath while securing a stronger root hold for the grass itself. If moisture and nutrients can’t reach the weeds, it won’t grow – a shorter lawn allows for an easier path for water and fertilizers to get to the weeds. Vigilance is also key to combatting weeds because the war can be a long one. Spending an entire day removing weeds won’t mean that they are gone for good. Keep an eye on your lawn and take care of the weeds that you may see extending out from the soil. Strange growth patterns in your lawn may also be an indicator that there are weeds trying to push through. A few of the famous weeds out there like broadleaf weeds which look like little clover leaves or ivy popping up from the ground or crabgrass may be best treated at different times of the year. Broadleaf weeds, for instance, can be spot-treated whereas fighting crabgrass begins at the beginning of spring with a product often referred to as a “weed-and-feed” which can kill crabgrass while promoting grass growth. A good lawn care company can recommend a comprehensive lawn maintenance plan so that your yard remains lush and green keeping weed growth to a minimum. There are also sprays and treatments available that you can use on your own; just make sure to read the instructions. Identifying the type of weed you have may be needed to get the right weed-killer from the store. A possible side effect from using store-bought weed killer is that it may harm your grass since some sprays are pretty much a blanket approach to kill plants in general – these are often used when weeds pop through the cracks in concrete.

April 5, 2017

Making Your Landscape Beautiful

Have you been thinking about ways to bring some personality to your landscape? There are simple ways to spruce up your garden area by planting colorful trees and shrubs, but if you are looking to really go the distance in improving the overall aesthetic and financial value of your landscape, think about installing a hexagonal gazebo! Gazebos are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners looking to add an outdoor living space that is not only visually pleasing, but functional as well. Imagine having a place to retreat to after a hard day’s work or on the weekends where you can escape the rat race and soak up the fragrant aromas of surrounding flowers, the tranquil sounds of birds chirping or perhaps a nearby fountain, and take in the vibrant colors that make up your landscape. In addition to having this place to enjoy as your own personal retreat, a hexagonal gazebo would also make a great place to entertain friends and family without being stuck indoors. Can you picture it? If you still are not convinced this might be the right choice for you, keep reading! We are positive you will rethink your landscape design and will want to add this great structure to your property! The great thing about hexagonal gazebos is that they are simple. Gazebos themselves are quite traditional, but they also add flair to your landscape. Each garden needs that addition of style and sophistication, and hexagonal gazebos are just the addition to help you achieve that! In addition to having a unique garden space, you will also increase the financial value of your property if you ever decide to sell. A beautiful gazebo might just be what a potential homeowner wants in order to invest in a new home. In the meantime, you get to relish in your own private getaway without ever leaving your home. While hexagonal gazebos are in fact hexagonal, they do not have to be a one-size-fits-all style. In fact, landscaping specialists can help you design a gazebo that will complement your garden and meet all your expectations. You can make the structure your own with the addition of benches, railings, and perhaps even a skylight to enjoy evenings out in the garden. If you want your gazebo to protect you while you enjoy a rainy day in the garden there is also the option of a canopy top, roofing shingles, or an ornamental cupola. The roofing shingles, if implemented, can be the same shingles used on your home’s roof so you can have matching structures. Another way to accentuate the gazebo and your overall landscape is by adding a lighting system inside and outside the gazebo. Another way to personalize your gazebo is by adding seasonal plants to bring even more color and texture to your property. Can you imagine enjoying your morning coffee surrounded by bursts of color and the tranquil sounds of your very own Garden of Eden? If you have a beautiful garden, do not waste it by just enjoying it from afar. A hexagonal gazebo is the perfect structure to allow yourself to be immersed in your landscape. Call your local landscaping professional today so you will not miss another cool summer night enjoying the sights and sounds of your garden.

March 6, 2017